Who Would You Most Like To Meet And Why?

I would like to meet my great-grandmother, the one that died on the same day as my grandmother's birth. I never knew that until my grandmother died. I wish I had known what she was like. My grandma never talked about her family. It was like she was trying to hide her tragic life. I wish she hadn't. I'm inspired by tragic beginnings that end beautifully. I would like to know what her family was really like. I didn't even know that her mom didn't raise her. Why did I never ask? Probably because I was a kid and had things to do. I wish I had been more interested in my relatives' lives. I know kids who were. I wanted to run around and I didn't want to slow down.

May Update

Hopefully life will slow down a bit this summer and I can write something other than updates on my life. I've decided I am definitely going to Eastern Washington University. At this point it's just a matter of when. If I can't get financial aid, I'll have to figure out another way to pay for it. But one way or another, I'm going. I've completed and turned in all my assignments for my class so far, so that's a good sign. Now that I'm into Algebra in the math class it's a lot harder. There are some things I'm still trying to figure out. But little by little I'm starting to figure out how to do each thing. It's a process. I refuse to give up. That is one good thing about my stubborn personality. Which is why I know I'm going back to school. There's nothing else I've ever really wanted to do. So, I'm just going for it. So, I'll be in my 50's by the time I graduate. Who cares. It's something I've always wanted …

April Update

I've started classes through the PACE program (used to be SEER) again. This time I'm taking two classes. One is Transition to College as I'm starting to make plans to go back into credit classes at a local university. Eastern Washington University to be exact. First I have to apply for FAFSA to see if I can get financial aid. I'm not sure if I can because of my poor college performance before. Then, I'll apply to college and go from there.

The other class I'm taking is called Computer Work Skill Building. It's a self-paced class where you choose one of three modules to work on. I'm doing the math program, cause I figure that's the area I'm weakest in at this point. Considering that I only do a limited amount of math currently. It's proven challenging. I've completely forgotten how to multiply large numbers, so I'm working on that right now. The first week I was working on adding and subtracting with negative numbers. I've pretty …

March update

So, supposedly spring has begun, but I still have to scrape the frost off my windows every morning. Welcome to the northwest! Ugh! I'm sick of winter. And yet this summer I'll be complaining that it's too hot. Go figure. Anyway, we still don't know what's wrong with Chloe's throat. Her ultrasound came back normal. That's hard as a mom cause I watch her and I know something's not right and yet all her tests are negative. So I start to wonder if I'm crazy. Other people around me assure me that I'm not, cause they've noticed the changes, too. Some places make us feel like I'm a foolish mother listening to her delinquent daughter. Of course, those of you who know Chloe know that nothing is farther from the truth. She's the most motivated person I know. She hardly ever even procrastinates, which most of us are procrastinating on something every day! Not her. She picks on the rest of us for not taking care of our responsibilities. She foll…

January update

Well, I am taking one class at Spokane Falls Community College. It's called Transition To Work, and it is exactly what it sounds like it is. It's a class preparing to go back to work after a long absence. It teaches you how to write a resume. How to interview. How to write a cover letter. Do's and Do Not's on applications. Everything that you can think of that you would need to know when entering the work force. I'm considering also taking the Transition To College course next quarter, cause I'm realizing most of what I'm interested in requires further education.

Chloe missed a lot of school before the break and for a few days after the break. She had some really weird symptoms and so I finally took her to Spokane Urgent Care where they didn't even listen to her symptoms, one of those symptoms was what felt like a stone in her throat, right about where her thyroid is.  They didn't check her lymph nodes or anything. They kind of treated her like a de…

A Fairy Tale From A Different Perspective: The Little Mermaid

Ariel sat down to eat and nearly threw up, because it was seafood. It was like eating her own. She should have known she could never be human. But...but...but...she loved him so.

Then she saw Sebastian, her friend. They had caught and tried to cook and eat her friend. What was she to do? She couldn't reveal that she had come from the sea. But she could not let them eat her friends. What was she to do? She did nothing but she felt so bad. What would her father think? She didn't think she cared, but suddenly she did. Oh, what to do? What to do?


Once a month or so, I've decided to just check in personally and let you know how things are going at the Spokane branch of the Paparazzo family. I started putting together a resume. Don't get too excited. I'm just making a resume.Then, we'll check out jobs I'd qualify for. I also got an application for a program at Spokane Falls Community College. I'll probably take a couple of classes.

Anyway, we're very excited about Christmas around here. Chloe's going to be with us for Christmas this year and a friend of mine is coming over. And her dog. I'm especially excited about having her dog over for Christmas. Shhh, don't tell her. I love her for her dog. Not really, but she has a really cool dog. Anyway, I think she's cool. She's very sweet and she loves me, so that's all that has to happen to be cool in my world. I'm trying to get back on track with my workouts. I was slacking for a while. I went to the gym this morning. Anyway, it …